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    Year 4

    Children arrive in Year 4 confident about their position in the school and enthusiastic about new learning opportunities, building on the firm foundations of their prior learning.

    Many lessons – English, Mathematics, History, Religious Education and PSHE - take place in their form base with their class teacher. This secure class base is combined with increasing movement around the site to other subject teachers, helping to develop the organisational skills needed for the more peripatetic pattern in year 5.

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    About Year 4

    The skills of literacy and numeracy are consolidated and developed alongside a varied curriculum of Science, French, the Humanities, Art, Design Technology, Information Technology, Drama and Physical Education, which are delivered by subject specialists. A wide range of visitors, educational outings and re-enactments, such as Victorian and Greek Days, in costume, help to bring an added dimension to learning.

    Over the year, the children become more independent learners, taking greater responsibility for class and homework. Important groundwork, such as fluent free reading skills and a firm grasp of multiplication tables, is established and consolidated. Team sports play a larger role and this is the final year of weekly swimming lessons which culminate in learning life saving techniques, all part of essential life-skills.

    For the young "probationer" members of the choir, the academic year begins with their ‘reading in’ which marks the moment when they assume full duties as full Minster choristers.