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    Year 3

    Year 3 is the transition point when children move from the pre-prep to the prep school. It is also the year when our original intake is joined by a number of new pupils from other schools who have been accepted as probationer-choristers in the Minster Choir.

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    About Year 3

    This year brings many new experiences. The majority of teaching is still class-based, and this helps with the transition from the Red House to the Main School. However, a number of lessons are taught by specialist teachers in subjects such as Geography, D.T. and Games. The children rapidly grow in terms of ability to organise themselves and taking greater responsibility for their own daily routines. There is a focus on laying foundations for their future in the prep school but with the emphasis on enjoying the learning experience.

    The curriculum is enriched by educational visits and cross-curricular themes, such as Life in Ancient Egypt and Childhood during WWII, where key skills are practised through an interesting and varied diet of work.