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    All pupils take part in sports lessons on at least two afternoons per week. The younger children have one afternoon devoted to team games and one afternoon given over to swimming lessons. In Year 5, by which time pupils have become confident swimmers, both afternoon sports sessions are devoted to a variety of team games depending upon the season. Our sports fields at Bootham Park are a short walk from the school.

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    About Sport

    Throughout, the emphasis is on acquiring the skills that help pupils to become part of a team as well as improving overall fitness levels. The school encourages a competitive spirit but one that is tempered by sense of fair play. Competitve matches are played against other schools in North Yorkshire and we participate in a number of local leagues, competitions and tournaments.

    Sport is led by a number of specialist coaches and many of the full-time treaching staff are themselves keen sportsmen and women. The inclusive nature of sport at the school is very important and players, of whatever ability, are encouraged to participate, become fit and, we hope, gain enjoyment from the exercise and physical activity that is vital for health. In addition to team games, our younger pupils have gym lessons and music & movement sessions directed by their class teacher.

    The major autumn and spring sports for girls in the prep department are netball and hockey and, more recently, lacrosse has been introduced. In the summer, these give way to rounders and athletics.

    For boys, the autumn is dominated by rugby and football, though some hockey is also played. The summer is time for cricket and athletics.

    These 'staple' sports are supplemented by special events: cross-cpountry tournaments, outward-bound opportunities, winter-sports days, skating etc. Staff offer sports clubs as an extra-curricular activity option, the sports varying with the seasons. Other sports such as riding, fencing, judo etc. are also available as extra-curricular activities, taking place after formal lessons end.

    In all of the sports coaching, the emphasis is on participation and having fun. Sport is for playing - not just for spectating.