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    The aim of science teaching at The Minster School is to develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills, and to relate these to everyday experiences.

    All three scientific disciplines are covered in the course of the year, although they are taught through a unified programme of teaching.

    In Pre-Prep, science is a timetabled subject though it is often linked to the over-arching 'topic' for the term.

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    About Sciences

    In the Prep department, the subject is taught in a well equipped laboratory and our small group sizes allow for more discussion work and the development of problem solving skills.

    Study follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum and topics include Life Processes and Living things, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Scientific Enquiry.

    There is a strong emphasis on the carrying-out of experiments and on learning by doing. In all three sciences, pupils are encouraged to learn through investigation, and we use a wide range of learning activities to maintain curiosity, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

    There are Junior and Senior Science Weeks during the school year which allow for focused field trips, visits from scientists and attendance at various workshops.

    Pupils participate in local science competitions and themed project days and have had notable successes in these events.

    For those who find this subject particularly engaging, and who wish to pursue it outside of school time, there is a STEM club offered as an after-school activity.