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    Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is the lesson where pupils have the opportunity to explore and learn about all sorts of 'real world' issues that are likely to affect their lives today and in the future. This subject also encompass Citizenship and discussion of what are termed 'Fundamental British Values'. Learning tends to be exploratory and discursive, and it often encompasses visits from people outside of the school who have a special perspective or expertise to offer on a particular topic or area of study.

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    Lessons explore 'real-life' issues in an age-appropriate way. In Pre-Prep, these lessons for life are interwoven within the work of the class but, in the Prep department, each class has at least one lesson per week covering PSHEE issues. If an outside speaker is visiting, it may be that classes amalgamate to hear the talk, and this may extend over more than a single lesson.

    In PSHEE, pupils learn about both the dangers and opportunities that life will present them with. Issues are explored in the context of Fundamental British Values, with comparisons (where appropriate) being drawn in an informed and non-judgemental way. Staff members are careful not to impose their own views during these sessions and discussion, whilst guided in order to explore every side of an issue, is very much pupil led.

    PSHEE is the subject space in which pupils feel most free to speak their mind and offers a valuable insight into their feelings and viewpoints and is frequently the forum where background concerns can be resolved in a non-confrontational way.

    The framework of the PSHEE curriculum can be downloaded here.