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    Modern Languages

    Modern Foreign Languages - "the gift of tongues". All pupils are taught French from Year 1. We believe that it is important to introduce the children early to modern languages in order to maximise their potential, improve their accent, and inspire confidence from the beginning. The aim is to instil in the children a curiosity and openness towards other cultures. The learning environment is of paramount importance; consequently our classroom is designed to be culturally orientated and vibrant.

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    About Modern Languages

    Children are taught to understand and to communicate in French through the four communicative skills, to acquire language-learning skills, and to develop their cultural awareness. We strive to develop each pupil to their full potential and, throughout the curriculum, various topics coordinate with other subjects to provide an integrated learning base.

    Years 7 pupils include Spanish at an elementary level and Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese.

    Our children are encouraged to take part in activities such as cultural excursions and French day, which are linked to geography and history topics. We have established contacts with French schools so that the children can correspond and share experiences in a different language which brings their learning to life.

    As well as cultural experiences in York, pupils have the opportunity to visit France on a week-long school visit, based in a French chateau. From this base, varied activities and day-trips take place: Normandy landings beaches, French market, Bayeux tapestry etc.