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    Computing and IT are an important part of life today. Children use IT in most aspects of the curriculum but we use it as one of many teaching tools.

    In order that pupils can focus on the core content of a subject, IT skills are taught as a discrete subject on the timetable. This allows them to focus on the maths or geography rather than how a spreadsheet works or how a data-logger is used.

    Computer coding is taught as part of the curriculum and, for those who are particularly keen on this aspect, Code-Club is a popular after-school activity.

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    About ICT

    Every classroom has its own laptop and iPads are available for use within the classroom. There is computing lab with one computer per pupil in the prep department. The pre-prep has its own IT lab with equipment positioned at a more appropriate height for young learners. All of these resources are networked between buildings and our super-fast internet connection allows securely filtered access to the web. Pupils have their own user areas on the school network and their own school email accounts, both of which can be accessed remotely from home.

    The entire campus is wireless enabled, allowing increasing use of mobile technologies across the curriculum. Tablet computers allow learners to utilise technology in many subject areas and we expect to see the use of personal devices increase gradually over time, enhancing the learning environment in support of our more traditional methodologies.

    Pupils rapidly acquire the key skills that allow them to become autonomous in their use of IT in support of other subjects in the curriculum. Coding is taught as a discrete topic; by the time they leave, pupils will, in addition to word-processing and DTP skills, have experience in image manipulation, spreadsheets, relational databases, multimedia, video, web creation and HTML and computer coding in a variety of contexts.