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    Our aim is to stimulate pupils' interest in their surroundings, to develop their knowledge, and their understanding of the changing world in which they live. Geography helps children develop an informed concern for the quality of the environment and its future. It also helps them to place local, national and international events and understand better areas which they visit.

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    About Geography

    In the pre-prep department, this is done through topic based geography work linked closely to other aspects of the curriculum. In Years 3 - 8, each class receives geography tuition as a distinct subject but lessons are still integrated with other aspects of the curriculum. The programme of study is based on themes or localities and ranges from the local area around the school to other contrasting areas in the UK, countries in the EU, and other continents. The teaching illustrates the interaction of peoples with their environment and the interdependence of societies in the economically developing and developed countries.

    Throughout the School there is a continuing development of geographical skills including observation, mapping, decision-making and problem solving.

    Fieldwork is a very important aspect of the teaching and ranges from local land-use surveys in the centre of York for year 3 to a study of the North York Moors National Park for year 6. There is also a 3-day residential visit for a river survey in year 7.