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    Design Technology

    Design Technology is taught throughout the school, building children's confidence in using a wide variety of materials, and developing their ability to follow a project through from the initial design to completion.

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    About Design Technology

    In the pre-prep, design technology is integrated in the work of the whole class. In the prep department, all pupils are taught by a specialist teacher each week. Lessons take place in half-form groups whilst the other half of the class is pursuing figurative art with a member of staff from the art department. Later in the week, the groupings are reversed.

    A wide variety of projects are undertaken from Year 3 onwards and they are specifically chosen to compliment the children’s increasing skills, knowledge and understanding of materials, tools and processes. Expect to find moving monsters, bespoke clocks, light, sound and movement sensitive robots, cam and gear based toys, ball bearing mazes and creatively repackaged sweets in The Design Technology Department.