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    Our priority in the Reception class is to provide a colourful, imaginative, stimulating environment. Each child is valued as an individual, being given every opportunity to develop his or her full potential where needs are considered and co-operation is actively encouraged. The children explore and appreciate our varied cultural identities and a sense of non-discrimination is actively promoted.

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    About Reception

    We seek to encourage the emotional, creative, physical, social and intellectual development of each child through a combination of play and more formal educational techniques. The children experience a broad and balanced curriculum; their development in each of the areas of learning is encouraged through practical application, experience, questioning and analysis and their progress is closely monitored. The day is carefully planned to provide self-initiated and adult- directed learning both inside and outdoors.

    Emphasis is placed on the laying down of secure foundations in reading, writing, mathematical and scientific skills. Children are given every opportunity to listen, talk and record their experiences; they are helped to communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing and in ways which are appropriate for various occasions and purposes. The stimulating and varied activities, which the Reception programme offers makes learning fun and encourages alertness and a growing independence. The projects and topics that we investigate are further enriched by numerous educational outings and visits to the class from members of the community. The children are happy, sociable, confident and inquisitive individuals.

    To make all this as successful as possible, we work closely with parents and carers and to build upon early experiences in the home, pre-school and nursery.