• pre-prep


    The Nursery class provides a caring, creative and imaginative environment within which children begin to  develop the skills, concepts and attitudes that ensure they will become successful and motivated learners as they grow.

  • pre-prep

    About the Nursery

    Alongside nurturing their personal and social skills, the bright, stimulating Nursery encourages children to develop enquiring minds and positive attitudes to learning. Our children are purposeful and happy as they are given opportunities to develop their concentration and communication skills and to explore and discover for themselves. The Nursery classroom and routine is organised to allow children to learn through both child initiated play and Early Years teaching appropriate to the needs of each individual child, with a gradually increasing emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

    The Nursery class offers a flexible part-time or full - time introduction to The Minster School, dependent upon the needs of each child and the teaching staff plan to make each day full of stimulating activity and enjoyment for each child to promote their learning in all areas of development. Each day will bring something new and exciting together with regular trips out and about, themed days and weeks, special occassions and opportunities to join in with Pre-prep events, thus ensuring each child's early experience of school is positive and happy.