• prep


    Many pupils opt to stay at school, when lessons are over, to take part in one of the many after-school activities that are on offer. Others may opt to stay for supervised homework, or "prep".

    Activities vary, depending on the time of year but there is a wide list to choose from so there should be something that appeals to everyone:

    Pupils staying for prep or activities are given a light snack at 4pm before the activities begin at 4:15pm. At 5:20pm the member of staff running the activity will send children to prepare for going home. All pupils should be collected at this time and the member of staff on duty will close the school at 5:30pm once all of the children have departed.

    Activities that are run by members of the school's teaching staff are more or less free, with only a nominal charge to cover the cost of materials used in the sessions. Other activities that are delivered by outside staff carry a slightly higher charge but are still excellent value due to economies of scale. There are some sample activity lists below. For the current term's activity lists, go to the For Parents area of this site.